We offer special lectures and cour in Electron Microscopy and Image Processing for physic, biophysic, biochemistry, chemistry and biology students. Our aim is to teach you the main principles of both methods and give you an understanding for their impact in modern Life Sciences.

Biophysik 3: Lecture with "Übungen"

3-hourly lecture and 1 hour of "Übungen" in the winter semester covering topics of bioanalytics with a focus on mathematical understanding and imaging techniques. For more information click here. All the available material can be downloaded from here.

Einführung in die biologische Elektronenmikroskopie mit Bildverarbeitung (Blockkurs)

Aim of this course is to give an introduction to electron microscopy (EM) with a focus on cryo EM. Theoretical lectures will be held in the mornings; hands-on practicals will be in the late mornings and during the afternoons. The lectures will give you an overview of the basics of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and cover various sample preparation techniques. Further, we will discuss image processing strategies for EM with a focus on electron tomography. In the practicals, you will work in small groups of 3 to 4 students. We will do cryo-fixation methods, ultramicrotomy with diamond knives, practical TEM experience and some FIB/SEM. On Sunday you will reconstruct and process both your own and some demo sample data with a focus on tomography and subtomogram averaging. For your 3 CP's (only for Biophysics students), on Monday the following week you need to present a paper which you will receive 3 weeks before. For more information click here.

Light- and Electron Microscopy

In this lecture we will teach you the basics of electron microscopy. We will provide a general descriptive overview of the hardware of the electron microscope and give an overview of the commonly used methods. Primarily the biological appliances of electron microscopy will be covered. The newly learned can be intensified in the lecture course.

Offered only in the winter semester alternating with the previous lecture. All the available material can be downloaded from here.

Image processing methods in structural biology

In this lecture we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the theory of image processing and give you an introduction into the established image processing methods in structural biology (Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Crystallography). These are the two most important techniques for the description and structural characterization of cells and molecular complexes respectively. All algorithms are presented in the context of structural techniques. This lecture is offered only in summer semester alternating with the following lecture. All the available material can be downloaded from here.