Job Positions

Ph.D. Position or Scientist Position Computer Science

The electron microscopy group at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences is seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated scientist (Ph.D. or Postdoctoral level) with a background in computer science (Informatik).

The scientific goal of the project is to develop algorithms that reconstruct three-dimensional objects out of their 2D projections. Experimental images from brand-new cutting-edge technologies are available (hardware and software). Typically, these unique imaging capabilities are used to visualize the interior of the cells that allows for understanding the origin and cause of cancer and other disease.  

Previous experience with GPU programming knowledge (CUDA, OpenCL) and a solid knowledge of Fourier analysis is a prerequisite. Knowledge in C, C++ and MATLAB programming experience is a big advantage. The tasks will be used for developing code for image processing and/or computed tomography for medical applications. Thus, a general interest in medical imaging is advantageous. 

Do you have a degree in mathematics or computer science and want to get into the medical imaging field. Do you have excellent grades and a strong interest in programming and algorithmic development? Would you like to develop software and tools for 3D visualization? We are a small team of passionate individuals. Interested candidates should send a short application letter outlining their research interests, a detailed CV to Prof. Dr. Achilleas Frangakis (email: achilleas (dot) frangakis (at)